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As promised, here’s the pdf of my recent Max 2008 session “Optimizing Adobe AIR for Code Execution, Memory, and Rendering“. There’s a good amount of Flash VM tips and tricks in there for reference whether you’re working in the browser or AIR. Thanks to everyone who attended and gave me high marks for my session. I guess I have to start thinking about what to talk about next year. For anyone who didn’t get to see the session live, the pdf really only tells half the story, so you may want to check out the session when it shows up on soon.

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  1. Hey Sean, Great session at MAX in SF. I was particularly interested in the section on the rendering pipeline in the Flash Player. Any chance you can post your source code for the demo’s you did (The red and blue display objects)? I work on render-intensive games built in Flash and I’d love to see how you were able pull off the optimizations in the compositing phase.

  2. Thanks Jason,

    Regarding the rendering example, I may have to narrow the parameters for when rendering to a single Sprite gives an advantage over rendering to multiple ones. I found a problem in my code with the help of a co-worker and I’m in the process of reworking the example to give a more meaningful result.

  3. Hey Sean, just watched your presentation on Can you post the source code to all the examples during the presentation?

  4. Hi,

    Intresting to know, why “Avoid databinding on data transfer objects or AMF objects” is not good?

  5. Stan, I suggest this limitation because you’ll spend alot of cpu time dispatching events before anyone’s ready to listen to them as the object is being deserialized. Plus typically with an AMF or data transfer object you’ll be switching out the entire object result set in memory, which would only require top level binding on the value you’re changing in your data model. A top level binding will trigger your entire binding chain anyway.

  6. great presentation!

    do you have used pixelbender yet for outsourcing performance intense stuff?

    some points regarding performance i would like to add:
    – try to keep framerate low (25 fps) because the higher the framerate the higher the cpu idle usage (in large apps with a lot of displayobject on stage – see:
    – use BindingUtils instead of MXML bindings, you got 50% better performance for bindings, at startup MXML does a lot of unnecessary executions. see:
    – check out the default values of your flex components and proof if you need them to be activated (scrollPolicy, clipContent, mouseEnabled,…)
    – set your values in the declaration if possible
    – nullify objects if not needed anymore (i am not sure about this, if and how much performance inprovement it will give at garbage collection time)
    – avoid WMODE

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