Come see my talk about memory management at Max 2009

It seems my obsession with the Flash and AIR internals keeps earning me a spot as a Max speaker. Following up on last years talk on general VM performance, I’ll be back this year to talk specifically about memory management and optimizations. While I covered memory a bit in last years talk, this year I’ll be going more indepth on memory techniques as well as how to profile your apps. As with all my sessions, you can be sure there’ll be plenty of code handed out by the end.

My session will be running on Tuesday at 1:30 PM and again on Wednesday at 5:00 PM, hope to see you all there.

4 thoughts on “Come see my talk about memory management at Max 2009”

  1. Sean,

    I’ve had a look through your slides for your Max 2008 talk – really really good stuff. I’ve been looking for materials from your Max 2009 talk with no luck so far – are those materials available?


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