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Launching Space Gremlin to the Mac App store

Lately I’ve been on a kick…instead of wishing for software to work the way I want, I’m just gonna build it the way I want instead.

Today one of those ideas has come to fruition and I’m happy to announce it’s launch in the new Mac App Store. Space Gremlin is an app I wrote over the course of Christmas to visualize disk usage on a hard drive to help find and delete “gremlins” taking up too much space. It features a top down view of a disks folder structure and the relational sizes between other objects. It’s easy to drill in to folders or slice up the view to focus on important areas. While there are other apps out there on the Mac platform that address this concept, I’ve never found those other visualizations very usable or readable.

I’m hoping other people out there find Space Gremlin as usable as I do, so I’ve added it to the new Mac App Store to handle the distribution end. Since this is the launch and I’m still new to the whole Mac App ecosystem, I’m setting a launch price of only $3.99 but it will probably settle at a higher price soon after. I’ve also decided to go exclusive to the Mac App Store to avoid setting up my own purchasing and validation system.

Give it a try and let me know what you think. Big thanks to all the fellow developers and designers at EffectiveUI who helped me test this app. If you’re interested there is also a free demo available on the website http://www.spacegremlinapp.com