eBay Desktop demo

I’ve been doing a few presentations on Apollo the past few months centered around accessing eBays web services. While the app shown has remained just a “prototype”, I’m finally able to talk openly about the product and the fact that we’re moving into an official eBay application with a beta program coming soon.

The beta signup is public now so if your interested in getting involved early on and getting your feedback heard, you can sign up over at http://www.sandimasproject.com . I’m planning on watching the results of the beta very closely and trying to interact with a lot of users to get their opinions. We’ve got an amazing opportunity to rebuild eBays interface from the ground up and want to make sure every aspect of using eBay gets improved in the process. So feel free to send me your thoughts through this blog or on the beta site.

If you want to see a demo of the application, I gave a presentation recorded at Adobes ApolloCamp back in March. http://video.onflex.org/2007/03/26/apollo-camp-ebay-and-effectiveui-and-artemis-sean-christmann/

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