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GUIMark 3 released. »

GUIMark 3 has just been released and it’s aimed squarely at benchmarking mobile devices. The debate this time around concerns the relative speed differences between Flash and HTML5 on your phone or tablet. With a month and a half in the making, 4 unique tests, and over 200 results this was a big one and I hope you guys enjoy reading and dissecting the results. You can read the article here

GUIMark 2 has been released! Compare HTML5 and Flash performance »

I am very happy to finally announce the release of GUIMark 2. After a couple weeks of building and testing, I feel I’ve finally created the best visual benchmarks I could come up with for comparing both Flash and HTML5. The results reveal a lot of interesting technical differences between the two environments. You can read the full details and results on the GUIMark 2 project page.

Come see my talk about memory management at Max 2009 »

It seems my obsession with the Flash and AIR internals keeps earning me a spot as a Max speaker. Following up on last years talk on general VM performance, I’ll be back this year to talk specifically about memory management and optimizations. While I covered memory a bit in last years talk, this year I’ll be going more indepth on memory techniques as well as how to profile your apps. As with all my sessions, you can be sure there’ll be plenty of code handed out by the end.

My session will be running on Tuesday at 1:30 PM and again on Wednesday at 5:00 PM, hope to see you all there.