360iDev session materials on Quartz 2D

360iDev San Jose has been awesome so far and it’s not over yet, still a whole day of sessions to go. I’m putting my session materials up now during the keynote so I don’t forget after I’ve presented. Get the zip file here.

Update: I forgot to mention during my presentation, but the samples within the zip archive may contain memory leaks for the sake of code brevity. If you copy and paste the code samples into your own projects, you might need to make sure you add cleanup code to the end of it.

2 thoughts on “360iDev session materials on Quartz 2D”

  1. Hi, Magnifier Example is grate. But I want some code that my background image continues changes so magnifier code used only when background image is static. so please send me code related Magnifier.

    1) Background image always changes dynamically.

    please help me.

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